Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Charyeise Is Officially Retired

Screenshots do say it all, but a quick summary:
  • Total time played:  1 day, 2 hours, (30 days by RL calendar)
  • Total gold accumulated: 17,468g
  • Total gold on hand at end of experiment: 11,348g
  • Average time played per week, including leveling:  about 8 hours
  • Average time played per week in last two weeks:  under 3 hours
  • Net gold per hour played:  436g
  • Net gold per RL day played:  378g

I never did level her to 20, which I think I would do if I were starting characters on a new realm.  That way she could make a lot more gold, which would be nice if there were several leveling toons on the realm.  So while the time goal of under 3 hours/week was met, the financial goal of 1,000g per day was not.  Still, I find myself quite content with the results :)


  1. I'm just amazed on ur ability to work the AH! Does Hyjal offer the same amazement?

  2. Truly, if this can be done on tiny, backwater Moonrunner realm, it can be done anywhere. According to warcraftrealms.com, Moonrunner only has about 3k Horde population. Hyjal's Horde pop is 14k. IMO, the opportunities for making gold on a higher pop realm are much better than in a small, slow-moving economy. But with more activity comes more speed...you have to mave quickly to keep up with a high-activity AH. But the profits are better, also.


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