Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grimmtooth's Excellent Archiving Projects

Grimmtooth is listening to his hidden voices again.  His latest endeavor has him salvaging a brilliant but long-hidden webcomic. 

"Hammer of Grammar," written by Auden, follows the adventures of Auden and Gweryc, the Melee-Hunter.  Grimm also posted links to a Wow Insider interview with Auden and to Gweryc's last blog post (which contains a lovely surprise). 

While all these may seem out-of-date if you only look at the calendar, the insight and humor are as relevant this instant as they were the moment they were created.

Our cloud is so ephemeral; that is why we grieve when members of our community stop posting.  We know that even though we may be able to access their work for a little while, eventually their pages will fade into the hidden mists.

But Grimmtooth has found a way to keep this webcomic, at least, and what a wonderful thing that is for us - see it here!  Those 'voices in your head' are saying good things, Grimm - keep listening!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Awhile back, I read a blog post denigrating blog titles that indicate the (female) gender of the author. The post was written by a woman who was unhappy with women who shout out our gender from the rooftops to both affirm our identity and challenge the world to accept us as we are - female.

Today I read a NY Times review of HBO’s production of George R. R. Martin’s series “Game of Thrones.” The review was written by a woman who apparently lives a very insulated life in a tiny circle of friends, all of whom seem to read romance novels and only romance novels.

I cannot imagine what the hell the Times was thinking to assign a review of a fantasy series to someone who clearly has no understanding of the genre. And no understanding of the wide diversity of interest of the members of her own gender, for that matter.

Ginia Bellafante and the Times would have us all in the kitchen making sammiches for the menfolk with one hand while turning sizzling pages of the latest fantasy-porn with the other as we drool over the “illicitness … tossed in as a little something for the ladies.”

It seems women readers of fantasy have found a spokesperson – are we excited, girls?

Isn’t it wonderful when fellow (female) writers determine how we should write and what we should read? And decide for us what our range of interest ought to be, according to their narrow little minds?

Thank you, George R. R. Martin, both for your writing and for appreciating the Geeky Girls!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sort of a Non-Post, Actually

I have been travelling the past few days, with not a whole lot in the way of wireless connection.  Finally got it to work nicely this morning, so I thought to post this as an explanation for my recent blog absence, and an apology for my spotty gaming attendance. 

The trip has been wonderful, although a bit too warm most of the way.  I should have left Florida a couple weeks sooner.  But in Virginia this morning the temp is a lovely 52F; I had to wear a sweater!!  So nice to have a brief fling at spring before the summer sets in!

I should be back online in a consistent manner in a couple days.  See you then.

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