Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting Over - Again

Etsumei had arrived in Thrallmar feeling more battered than triumphant. Now, exhausted yet unable to sleep, she stretched out on a hammock at the local inn and wearily assessed her situation.

Once a proud hero of the Horde, she was now simply a survivor, and that just barely. She must find a way to close her mind to the horrors she had endured – and inflicted – as a servant of the Lich.

Her armor and weapons exuded the stench of the Scourge she had so recently been and she could not wait to shed it – but first she must find replacements. Everything she had seen at the auctions in Orgrimmar was expensive, far more than the few gold pieces in her backpack.

The new Warchief had been less than friendly, but nonetheless had offered her a job, and for this she was grateful.  So here she was in Outland, and must find a way, not only for herself but for Deneis as well.

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  1. Curious to see where Miss Etsumei's adventures will lead her...

    ...and I hope she finds some more suitable weapons to her liking...


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