Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phht!! We Have Just Begun to Blog!

Vidyala, I think you had a great idea there - and thanks to Rebecca at MMO Melting Pot for bringing it to my attention.  Perhaps I should be a bit more social with fellow bloggers. I have been a bit wall-flowery in the past, as is my nature, but I will step up today and follow your direction.

I started my blog for myself only, simply to make pages of links for my own use. I was always finding this really cool information that I just knew I was going to need, then I would forget where it was. This cloud is not well organized at all, and so the blog was born as my feeble attempt to impose a bit of order and ready access in my own little corner.

But then I happened onto other blogs, and my blogroll was born. Then I wanted to rant a little on occasion, and it seems that a couple people found me somehow and now I am apparently a “Blogger.”

And then my guild fell apart.

Just as Alas was forming Eff the Ineffable, and calling to other bloggers to join.

I am so glad I became a Blogger, accidentally as it was, because The Effers have taken me in, along with my baby alts, and I believe I have found a new home. Someday if I can round up the RL dollars, I will move my favorite toons to Azuremyst. But even if I don’t come up with the money, my little orphans will grow very fast and someday be useful members of the Effin’ guild.

And so I am in fact a part of the community, and I am happy to reciprocate some link love. I really don’t know how long people have been blogging though, so if it’s all the same to you, I will make a slight bend in the rule and simply link regardless of how long the folks have been in business – I just found them, so they are new to me!

Here is who I found today:

Killed in a Smiling Accident
Two people collaborating with sparkling writing style and engrossing content. I have been reading Melmoth and Zoso’s archives for the last half hour, alternately nodding my head wisely in sage agreement and bursting into such hysterical laughter that my cats have all hidden under the sofa until I come to my senses. Highly recommended!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye, Larisa

Your voice has been clarity and sanity in the midst of chaos. Your blog was welcoming, forgiving and encouraging, and there is no one else in the blogosphere who even approaches the level of excellence you have set before us.

Daily, I drift through the cloud, searching for new and interesting voices, for knowledge and for humor, for wisdom and entertainment. I always found it at the Inn.

From your writing, I would not have known that English was not your first language. You have an ability to communicate that most native speakers will never achieve. You always had something interesting to say, and you said it clearly and with elegance.

More than that, though, you shared your very soul with us, honest and open, and I admire you tremendously for that.

I hope you continue writing, and that you achieve in the larger world the distinction that has been yours here.

You are the best of us, Larisa, the absolute best.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Just Go Already

Okay, so here's what I wish:  I wish all the people who are bored with WoW, who suddenly hate WoW, the people who are gone off playing new games and loving them...I wish you all great happiness and joy, but I wish you would all /gquit, cancel your subscription and be done with it.  You all logging in, moaning about how bored you are and what a crappy game it is, you just irritate the hell out of me.

If I were the Guildmaster, I would kick every one of you.

It's time to clean house and move forward, not wallow in the mud you guys left behind.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011


I feel lost at sea…. as if I am in a tiny, rudderless boat tossed about from whirlpool to vortex, carried along by the whim of a surging current.

I am more emo about this than I should be, maybe, but my guild is disintegrating, and there is nothing at all I can do to change that.

It has been my home since I began playing WoW, and while we never progressed very far and had to pug everything we did, for a while it seemed as if we finally -almost- had it together…our officers were doing their jobs and people were running together and excitement was in the air. Then, first one at a time and then several at once, people just disappeared.

I know some have started playing Rift, some are playing other games, one transferred to another server to raid…there are many ways to leave, and I truly hope they are happy wherever they land.

But I am sad. And lost.

Interesting Stuff Out There in the Cloud...