Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello, Lilli!

I have never had as much fun in WoW as I have had this past week or so playing Lilli.  What a great idea!

Cynwise, Psynister and Alas have put together the most wonderful structure for a WoW community that I have ever been part of – Lilli-clones are running rampant across Azeroth on Durotan server-US. 

A Level 24 capped twink guild, composed primarily of priests, mages and warlocks, with a dash of tanks for flavor, the result is wild fun. 

Four identical Lillis in a LFD dungeon?  The pug tank RAN.  We wondered what we had done wrong, and decided it was just our awesomeness that scared him so badly. 

A Gnome-clone takeover of Stormwind?  Dozens of identical Lillis dancing through the streets?  Fun!

Join us on Durotan – find the information on Revenge of the Gnomes website: PuntThis!

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