Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Natural Born Killer

Deneis was so clever, Etsumei thought as she handed over the gold to her flying trainer.

While Etsumei had been riding slowly from mining node to the next, gradually improving her skill, Deneis had been juggling small items in the Auction House to earn enough money for this.

Etsumei summoned her Tawny Wind Rider and soared away from the flight platform. Mining would be much easier now, and their nest egg would begin to accumulate. Deneis had been wearing rags for too long now, and soon Etsumei would be skilled enough to join a group in the Ramparts of Hellfire, where she hoped to find a new weapon.

She was now a member of “Natural Born Killers.” A good guild for a death knight, she thought. Though once upon a time, in another life, she had been an artist, crafting jewelry and cutting gems, now she was of necessity a soldier of fortune. Death Knight – a natural born killer.

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