Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Three of Bank Alt Training

Wool Cloth x 7
Silk Cloth x 4
Brown Leather Satchel x 2
Thick Hide Pack x 2
Mining Sack
Recipe: Gingerbread Cookie x 4
Enchanting Vellums, 3 stacks of 10
Bolt of Woolen Cloth

Everything else was returned and reposted
Total cash on hand after reposting:

Charyeise then ran out into the forest and quested until she reached Level 10, buying 12 baby dragonhawk pets from the vendor at Fairbreeze Village as she passed through.

Upon her return from her adventures, she went to work.  First she unlearned Skinning, then she trained in Inscription, purchased supplies and bought herbs for milling into ink.  She also posted a few of the pets on the AH.

At the end of her session, she had Inscription leveled to 122 and she created 8 glyphs, 3 stacks of vellums and a Mystic Tome, which are all posted on the AH, leaving her with a total of 6g44s in her pocket.

She is hoping for real riches by tomorrow!

/played is 5h22m total

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day Two of The Assault

Today Charyeise opened her mailbox to revel in her vast riches!  Of course, the revels only lasted a short time, as the gold must be put back to work right away to bring in more gold.

The accounting:
18g85s00c   (4 stacks of 5 Small Eggs)
18g82s00c   (1 stack of 20 Light Leather)
00g29s48c   (1 stack of 3 Lynx Meat)
09g08s25c   (Recipe:  Lynx Steak)
00g16s11c   (1 stack of 2 Linen Cloth)
05g36s80c   (1 stack of 6  Woolen Cloth)
00g80s99c   (1 stack of 20 Ruined Leather Scraps)
00g33s00c   (Ruined Leather Scraps)
27g40s00c   (4 more stacks of 5 eggs posted this morning)

Total Receipts:  80g78s96c

One recipe and a bolt of wool did not sell and were reposted, along with the rest of the eggs and the following items, which are all available from various Silvermoon vendors (the bolded numbers are the buyout amounts):

1g99s - Design: Amulet of the Moon (cost 18s)
29g99s - Design: Opal Necklace of Impact (cost 75s)
1g98s - Design: Heavy Golden Necklace of Battle (cost 15s)
1g24s - Design: The Jade Eye (cost 25s)
29g99s - Pattern: Comfortable Insoles (cost 95s)
49g98s - Pattern: Bolt of Imbued Netherweave (cost 3g80s)
49g98s - Pattern: Bolt of Soulcloth (cost 3g80s)
5g18s - Wool Cloth x 7 (cost 1s29c each)
1g76s - Silk Cloth x 4 (cost 5s70c each)
44s70c - Linen Cloth x 3 (cost 53c each)
99s - Brown Leather Satchel x 4 (8-slot bags, cost 23s75c each)
16g95s - Thick Hide Pack x 2 (14-slot bags, cost 11g40s each)
20g10s - Gem Pouch (20-slot gem bag, cost 11g40s)
24g99s - Mining Sack (20-slot mining bag, cost 9g50s)
1g98s - Recipe: Egg Nog x 4 (cost 2s40c each)
95s - recipe: Gingerbread Cookie (cost 25c each)
2g99s/stack - Snowballs x 2 stacks of 20 (cost 2c each)
7g90s - Enchanting Vellums (3 stacks of 10, cost 9s50c each)
50s - Strange dust x2 (cost 7s60c each)
1g98s - Lesser Magic Essence x2 (cost 7s60c each)
89g90s - Formula: Large Prismatic Shard (cost 5g70s)
89g30s - Recipe: Transmute Primal Might (cost 7g60s)

Some of these items are very much long shots, and of course wildly overpriced in certain cases, but we shall see what comes of it.  Doubt if the holiday items will sell this late in the season, but you never know, and they cost almost nothing.

Since there was still 6 gold in her purse, Charyeise bought a stack of Earthroot for 4 gold and a few Peaceblooms and put them in the bank, along with a few herbs picked up from the vendor.

Tomorrow, she will be rested enough to quest to level 10, and hopefully there will be enough gold in the mailbox to begin her career in the Fine Art of Inscription.

Total /played so far:  3h6m

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Charyeise the Warlock Begins Her Assault on the Moonrunner Economy!

8:03 am:  Charyeise arrived with her so-far-thank-God-SILENT minion, Zilrin, on Sunstrider Isle, flat broke but determined to make something of herself.

8:34 am:  In Falconwing Square, she went upstairs at the inn and spent 20c for training, 78c for a Skinning Knife and 38c each for two recipes, leaving her at level 6 with a grand total of 12s32c to begin her business.  Next stop:  Silvermoon City!  (Nice thing about Eversong Woods - there is Bloodthistle in abundance, making it easy to level Herbalism quickly.)

9:16 am:  Arrived in the Big City at level 7.  Skinning at level 49, herbalism at 20.  She had 25s, 30c, some herbs, 3 stacks of eggs, 1 stack of light leather, 3 lynx meats, 2 recipes and 2 linen cloths.  She put the herbs and 2 stacks of eggs in the bank for now, and listed the rest on the AH.  She purchased 6 pieces of wool and one bolt of woolen cloth from the cloth vendor and posted those on the AH as well.  A few coppers were left rolling around in the bottom of her bags, so she used them to purchase herbs from the vendor.  Now, with 1 hour 42 minutes /played, it was time to rest and wait for the gold to roll in!

We shall see what tomorrow brings...

New Server Bank Alt Project

Today begins a final experiment in creating a bank alt on a new server.  I have made several lately, and now have what appears to be a pretty straightforward strategy.  I am hoping that one last tryout this week will refine the results into a standard process.

Step 1:  The new alt will begin her career as a Blood Elf by running to level 5 while gathering everything possible in the way of vendor junk to finance the operation, picking up two 4-slot bags from quests and maybe a 6-slot drop if she is lucky.  She will not buy anything or train skills except for the one required for her class training quest.  She is not going to die from lack of armor, food or skill at this level and needs every copper she can save.

Step 2:  At level 5, with her profits from questing, she will train herbalism and skinning, and buy a skinning knife.  She will purchase 2 Recipe: Lynx Steak from Landraelanis, then run to Silvermoon.  On the way to the city she will pick herbs and kill, loot and skin every dragonhawk and lynx she sees, saving Small Eggs, Lynx Meat, Light Leather and Ruined Leather Scraps

Step 3:  In Silvermoon, she will put her herbs in the bank and vendor the grey drops.  She will will post all other items on the AH at the going rate, and also post the two recipes on the AH for around 10 gold each, depending on the server prices.  Small eggs should usually go for around 1 gold each, and she will gather 8 or 10 stacks of these today, releasing them over the next week in stacks of 5 each, 4 stacks at a time as they sell.  She will run to the cloth vendor and buy what they have until she runs out of silver, then post the cloth on the AH as well.  If she still has silver, she will buy herbs from the vendor and put them in the bank.

Step 4:  She will then go out and quest/grind to level 10, continuing to kill and skin dragonhawks and lynx, and picking herbs.

Step 5:  At level 10, she will drop skinning and pick up Inscription.

Further:  Within a month, at Level 10, she will have the ability to make $1,000 gold a day with < 3 hours per week play time.

Next post with results!

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