Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Games Should Be Fun...Are You Listening, Blizz?

I am absolutely certain of this - fun is why we play games.  If we want to learn, we go to school or do research; if we want to work we go do that. 

Playtime = Funtime.  Period.  Remember, Blizz?  Fun. 

The Darkmoon Faire is fun.  Transmogging is fun.  Transmogging heirlooms is way fun.  You get my $15 per - in return, I want fun.  Please do not restrict the delightful parts in the game.  Do not leave us with stress, steep learning curves and work.

We want to transmog our heirlooms.

Just FYI.

<Link to Cynwise's excellent post on this>

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello, Lilli!

I have never had as much fun in WoW as I have had this past week or so playing Lilli.  What a great idea!

Cynwise, Psynister and Alas have put together the most wonderful structure for a WoW community that I have ever been part of – Lilli-clones are running rampant across Azeroth on Durotan server-US. 

A Level 24 capped twink guild, composed primarily of priests, mages and warlocks, with a dash of tanks for flavor, the result is wild fun. 

Four identical Lillis in a LFD dungeon?  The pug tank RAN.  We wondered what we had done wrong, and decided it was just our awesomeness that scared him so badly. 

A Gnome-clone takeover of Stormwind?  Dozens of identical Lillis dancing through the streets?  Fun!

Join us on Durotan – find the information on Revenge of the Gnomes website: PuntThis!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Incredible News! Ironsally from Tome of the Ancient Hits Level 85!!

Congratulations, Ironsally!!  Leveling to 85 in whites and greys with no assistance - simply amazing!

Read all about it at Tome of the Ancient!

Click here for the rules if you want to try the Ironman Challenge.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Grey Priest at Level 36

Well she got this far!  Sally is still questing through the Cape of Stranglethorn, glad for the green quests, but sad that she could not keep Sallyogreydy'aka and knowing she will never enter Zul'Gurub at 85 to find the little guy.

Tomorrow, Sally will head off to the Western Plaguelands to see if she has what it takes to make a success of herself there.

I am wondering if she will make it to Outland.  Perhaps not.  But she is still going now, albeit slowly, and she will not stop until she can no longer kill the mobs. 

Dragging out the mana expenditures is an interesting exercise, and I will be interested to see how this experience on the operator's part helps my other characters.  I have learned a thing or two doing this challenge that I will be able to use on other mana-using toons; particularly on my mage, whose damage is somewhat dependent on her mana level.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Grey Priest: Part 2 of The Ironmaiden Challenge

And WOW is it a challenge!  For a while, I seriously considered looking up IronMary in Tarren Mill to see if she needed a roommate.  Hillsbrad is tough on the white armor class.

Sally found some relief from her mana issues with wands, which do actually work to kill mobs at low levels...but death by wanding takes a long time.  As you can possibly imagine, the problem with slow wand kills is that the mobs are respawning behind at a faster rate than they are dying ahead...which can lead to an unpleasant crunchy sound when the mobs meet with poor Sally between them.  And a lot of screaming.  Forsaken screams are hard on the ears.

Sally pulled up stakes and left Yetimus to his wandering.  Ashenvale being the only other Horde leveling area suitable, she wandered over there for a bit.  Problem is, she was out-leveling the quests to the point of getting zero experience for mobs she was still having trouble killing.  Quest experience was still okay for the green quests, but the mobs were too low.

She has good healing capabilities, and doesn't die nearly as often as I thought she would - as long as the mana holds out, she can keep going.  The big challenge is to eke out out the mana droplets, alternating spells and wand.

Her dots (Shadow Word: Pain  and Devouring Plague) are pretty much mana hogs at this point, so she has dropped them from the rotation for now.  She is using Mind Blast at 40 yards for the pull, followed by Holy Fire at 30 yards.  Holy Fire is her most mana-efficient spell at this level, and is especially good because it also has a dot effect.  Unfortunately, it also has a cool-down.  So, depending on her mana level, Sally then either tosses out a Smite or begins wanding.  When the mob starts hitting her, she stops for a quick Renew, then goes back to her wand.  If another mob starts beating on her, she pops open her Bubble after the renew expires.  With this method, she can kill up to three mobs.  Eventually.

I left her napping in the Inn at Grom'Gol last night.  With a hungry baby raptor to feed, she will be waking soon and heading out to the jungle...

Find the rules to The IronMan Challenge here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Grey Priest

Psynister has inspired me! He and Vrykerion have come up with their Ironman Challenge and I cannot resist.

Sallyogreydy was born yesterday and is thus far level 13. 

It hasn't been too difficult so far, nor did I expect it to be.  I once leveled a naked belf warlock to level 20 with no deaths, and so I know early levels are not very gear-dependent.  I am a little more concerned about higher levels!

Sally has died twice, once from lag and once from over-confidence with a rare that she later killed, after a brief flirtation with the Spirit Lady at the graveyard.

Her biggest challenge so far is mana, err...lack of mana.  She needs a wand, but a wand is not to be had just yet.  There is one available from a Mulgore quest, but traveling to Mulgore and doing all the pre-quests needed to get it was more than Sally could face.  So she is toughing it out until level 15 when the vendor wands become available.

With a wand, she will not have to make that dreaded decision about what to do with her last drop of mana - Renew, or Smite and hope it crits.

More later...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grimmtooth's Excellent Archiving Projects

Grimmtooth is listening to his hidden voices again.  His latest endeavor has him salvaging a brilliant but long-hidden webcomic. 

"Hammer of Grammar," written by Auden, follows the adventures of Auden and Gweryc, the Melee-Hunter.  Grimm also posted links to a Wow Insider interview with Auden and to Gweryc's last blog post (which contains a lovely surprise). 

While all these may seem out-of-date if you only look at the calendar, the insight and humor are as relevant this instant as they were the moment they were created.

Our cloud is so ephemeral; that is why we grieve when members of our community stop posting.  We know that even though we may be able to access their work for a little while, eventually their pages will fade into the hidden mists.

But Grimmtooth has found a way to keep this webcomic, at least, and what a wonderful thing that is for us - see it here!  Those 'voices in your head' are saying good things, Grimm - keep listening!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Awhile back, I read a blog post denigrating blog titles that indicate the (female) gender of the author. The post was written by a woman who was unhappy with women who shout out our gender from the rooftops to both affirm our identity and challenge the world to accept us as we are - female.

Today I read a NY Times review of HBO’s production of George R. R. Martin’s series “Game of Thrones.” The review was written by a woman who apparently lives a very insulated life in a tiny circle of friends, all of whom seem to read romance novels and only romance novels.

I cannot imagine what the hell the Times was thinking to assign a review of a fantasy series to someone who clearly has no understanding of the genre. And no understanding of the wide diversity of interest of the members of her own gender, for that matter.

Ginia Bellafante and the Times would have us all in the kitchen making sammiches for the menfolk with one hand while turning sizzling pages of the latest fantasy-porn with the other as we drool over the “illicitness … tossed in as a little something for the ladies.”

It seems women readers of fantasy have found a spokesperson – are we excited, girls?

Isn’t it wonderful when fellow (female) writers determine how we should write and what we should read? And decide for us what our range of interest ought to be, according to their narrow little minds?

Thank you, George R. R. Martin, both for your writing and for appreciating the Geeky Girls!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sort of a Non-Post, Actually

I have been travelling the past few days, with not a whole lot in the way of wireless connection.  Finally got it to work nicely this morning, so I thought to post this as an explanation for my recent blog absence, and an apology for my spotty gaming attendance. 

The trip has been wonderful, although a bit too warm most of the way.  I should have left Florida a couple weeks sooner.  But in Virginia this morning the temp is a lovely 52F; I had to wear a sweater!!  So nice to have a brief fling at spring before the summer sets in!

I should be back online in a consistent manner in a couple days.  See you then.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phht!! We Have Just Begun to Blog!

Vidyala, I think you had a great idea there - and thanks to Rebecca at MMO Melting Pot for bringing it to my attention.  Perhaps I should be a bit more social with fellow bloggers. I have been a bit wall-flowery in the past, as is my nature, but I will step up today and follow your direction.

I started my blog for myself only, simply to make pages of links for my own use. I was always finding this really cool information that I just knew I was going to need, then I would forget where it was. This cloud is not well organized at all, and so the blog was born as my feeble attempt to impose a bit of order and ready access in my own little corner.

But then I happened onto other blogs, and my blogroll was born. Then I wanted to rant a little on occasion, and it seems that a couple people found me somehow and now I am apparently a “Blogger.”

And then my guild fell apart.

Just as Alas was forming Eff the Ineffable, and calling to other bloggers to join.

I am so glad I became a Blogger, accidentally as it was, because The Effers have taken me in, along with my baby alts, and I believe I have found a new home. Someday if I can round up the RL dollars, I will move my favorite toons to Azuremyst. But even if I don’t come up with the money, my little orphans will grow very fast and someday be useful members of the Effin’ guild.

And so I am in fact a part of the community, and I am happy to reciprocate some link love. I really don’t know how long people have been blogging though, so if it’s all the same to you, I will make a slight bend in the rule and simply link regardless of how long the folks have been in business – I just found them, so they are new to me!

Here is who I found today:

Killed in a Smiling Accident
Two people collaborating with sparkling writing style and engrossing content. I have been reading Melmoth and Zoso’s archives for the last half hour, alternately nodding my head wisely in sage agreement and bursting into such hysterical laughter that my cats have all hidden under the sofa until I come to my senses. Highly recommended!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye, Larisa

Your voice has been clarity and sanity in the midst of chaos. Your blog was welcoming, forgiving and encouraging, and there is no one else in the blogosphere who even approaches the level of excellence you have set before us.

Daily, I drift through the cloud, searching for new and interesting voices, for knowledge and for humor, for wisdom and entertainment. I always found it at the Inn.

From your writing, I would not have known that English was not your first language. You have an ability to communicate that most native speakers will never achieve. You always had something interesting to say, and you said it clearly and with elegance.

More than that, though, you shared your very soul with us, honest and open, and I admire you tremendously for that.

I hope you continue writing, and that you achieve in the larger world the distinction that has been yours here.

You are the best of us, Larisa, the absolute best.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Just Go Already

Okay, so here's what I wish:  I wish all the people who are bored with WoW, who suddenly hate WoW, the people who are gone off playing new games and loving them...I wish you all great happiness and joy, but I wish you would all /gquit, cancel your subscription and be done with it.  You all logging in, moaning about how bored you are and what a crappy game it is, you just irritate the hell out of me.

If I were the Guildmaster, I would kick every one of you.

It's time to clean house and move forward, not wallow in the mud you guys left behind.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011


I feel lost at sea…. as if I am in a tiny, rudderless boat tossed about from whirlpool to vortex, carried along by the whim of a surging current.

I am more emo about this than I should be, maybe, but my guild is disintegrating, and there is nothing at all I can do to change that.

It has been my home since I began playing WoW, and while we never progressed very far and had to pug everything we did, for a while it seemed as if we finally -almost- had it together…our officers were doing their jobs and people were running together and excitement was in the air. Then, first one at a time and then several at once, people just disappeared.

I know some have started playing Rift, some are playing other games, one transferred to another server to raid…there are many ways to leave, and I truly hope they are happy wherever they land.

But I am sad. And lost.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Natural Born Killer

Deneis was so clever, Etsumei thought as she handed over the gold to her flying trainer.

While Etsumei had been riding slowly from mining node to the next, gradually improving her skill, Deneis had been juggling small items in the Auction House to earn enough money for this.

Etsumei summoned her Tawny Wind Rider and soared away from the flight platform. Mining would be much easier now, and their nest egg would begin to accumulate. Deneis had been wearing rags for too long now, and soon Etsumei would be skilled enough to join a group in the Ramparts of Hellfire, where she hoped to find a new weapon.

She was now a member of “Natural Born Killers.” A good guild for a death knight, she thought. Though once upon a time, in another life, she had been an artist, crafting jewelry and cutting gems, now she was of necessity a soldier of fortune. Death Knight – a natural born killer.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting Over - Again

Etsumei had arrived in Thrallmar feeling more battered than triumphant. Now, exhausted yet unable to sleep, she stretched out on a hammock at the local inn and wearily assessed her situation.

Once a proud hero of the Horde, she was now simply a survivor, and that just barely. She must find a way to close her mind to the horrors she had endured – and inflicted – as a servant of the Lich.

Her armor and weapons exuded the stench of the Scourge she had so recently been and she could not wait to shed it – but first she must find replacements. Everything she had seen at the auctions in Orgrimmar was expensive, far more than the few gold pieces in her backpack.

The new Warchief had been less than friendly, but nonetheless had offered her a job, and for this she was grateful.  So here she was in Outland, and must find a way, not only for herself but for Deneis as well.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Charyeise Is Officially Retired

Screenshots do say it all, but a quick summary:
  • Total time played:  1 day, 2 hours, (30 days by RL calendar)
  • Total gold accumulated: 17,468g
  • Total gold on hand at end of experiment: 11,348g
  • Average time played per week, including leveling:  about 8 hours
  • Average time played per week in last two weeks:  under 3 hours
  • Net gold per hour played:  436g
  • Net gold per RL day played:  378g

I never did level her to 20, which I think I would do if I were starting characters on a new realm.  That way she could make a lot more gold, which would be nice if there were several leveling toons on the realm.  So while the time goal of under 3 hours/week was met, the financial goal of 1,000g per day was not.  Still, I find myself quite content with the results :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bank Alt's Days Are Numbered

Charyeise has worked hard (more so at first than lately), but this was only a temp job for her. The experiment is officially over, with only deciding what to do with her gold and possessions left to consider.

The stats were not as good as I hoped, but still good enough to persuade me that an inscription profession on a low-level bank alt is definitely the way to go to fund characters when starting on a new realm.

During the last two weeks, Charyeise spent about 15 minutes a day doing a quick cancel/post. A couple times a week, she milled herbs and stocked up her small selection of glyphs. This took an extra half hour each time, so her total time spent per week was reduced to 2.75 hours.

Moonrunner has a very slow-moving economy. The population is fairly low and the auction house stagnant. Trade chat is very minimal, with seldom even a troll to keep her amused during her work hours.

She did encounter a lovely mage, who invited her into her small guild and chatted her up occasionally, and once the inventory is liquidated, all Charyeise’s earnings will be deposited into the vault of that guild. I expect it will surprise them rather a lot to see the amount!

Next post will bring the accounting.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Weeks Old - and Still Only Level 15

Poor Charyeise!  So busy with her career she had no time to advance in her Adventuring!  Perhaps next week she will make it to Level 20 and delve into all those new glyphs that will become available.

But for now, the report of her activities thus far:

As of today, she has made a total of 6,381 gold.  She has a nice selection of inks and parchments in her bag, along with 2,835 gold.  There are 153 items posted for sale on the Auction House. 

For the two weeks she has pursued her business, she has averaged about 450 gold a day, halfway to the 1,000 gold per day that is her goal.  Her total time /played is 18 hours, 9 minutes.  At 9 hours a week, that is 3 times her goal of 3 hours per week. 

Hopefully she will reach level 20 this week, and once her Adventuring ends, she will cut her hours invested by a substantial amount.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Week Later: The Bank Alt Grows Up

Charyeise is a RealLife week old now and has begun to prove herself in her profession, as the screenshot shows.

She has made 2,781 gold in one week on the Auction House with an average of 309 gold per day, in just under 14 hours played.  She is now Level 12.

At this moment, she has 126 items for sale on the Auction House, a small supply of ink and 805 gold in her pockets.

Next week, she plans to advance to Level 20, which will give her a greater variety of glyphs to make.

Monday, January 3, 2011

After the Holiday ... Day Four of Bank Alt Training

Charyeise took a couple days off for the holiday (Imraith Inc. is very generous that way to their employees ;) but she is now back to work, rested and ready.

Her mailbox had 620g in it, which was a little less than expected, but enough.  Today was bag day.  She purchased three Bag of Endless Pockets for about 25g each, and since frostweave bags are running over 200g on this server and Netherweave bags around 29g, she ran to the bag vendor and bought a 14-slot for 11g.  She bought 3 extra 14-slots and posted them for 29g each on the AH, since no one seems to be selling these.  (While the focus is on glyphs, she saw no reason not to to make an easy profit on a small sideline.)

She also bought a few herbs.  Herbs were very expensive this morning, so she will check back this evening for better deals.  She scanned the AH and made a few of the higher priced glyphs, posted them and called it a morning.  Time for coffee! 

/played: 8h 50m
/gold in pockets: 182

Interesting Stuff Out There in the Cloud...