Monday, August 8, 2011

The Grey Priest at Level 36

Well she got this far!  Sally is still questing through the Cape of Stranglethorn, glad for the green quests, but sad that she could not keep Sallyogreydy'aka and knowing she will never enter Zul'Gurub at 85 to find the little guy.

Tomorrow, Sally will head off to the Western Plaguelands to see if she has what it takes to make a success of herself there.

I am wondering if she will make it to Outland.  Perhaps not.  But she is still going now, albeit slowly, and she will not stop until she can no longer kill the mobs. 

Dragging out the mana expenditures is an interesting exercise, and I will be interested to see how this experience on the operator's part helps my other characters.  I have learned a thing or two doing this challenge that I will be able to use on other mana-using toons; particularly on my mage, whose damage is somewhat dependent on her mana level.

Interesting Stuff Out There in the Cloud...