Monday, January 3, 2011

After the Holiday ... Day Four of Bank Alt Training

Charyeise took a couple days off for the holiday (Imraith Inc. is very generous that way to their employees ;) but she is now back to work, rested and ready.

Her mailbox had 620g in it, which was a little less than expected, but enough.  Today was bag day.  She purchased three Bag of Endless Pockets for about 25g each, and since frostweave bags are running over 200g on this server and Netherweave bags around 29g, she ran to the bag vendor and bought a 14-slot for 11g.  She bought 3 extra 14-slots and posted them for 29g each on the AH, since no one seems to be selling these.  (While the focus is on glyphs, she saw no reason not to to make an easy profit on a small sideline.)

She also bought a few herbs.  Herbs were very expensive this morning, so she will check back this evening for better deals.  She scanned the AH and made a few of the higher priced glyphs, posted them and called it a morning.  Time for coffee! 

/played: 8h 50m
/gold in pockets: 182

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