Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Three of Bank Alt Training

Wool Cloth x 7
Silk Cloth x 4
Brown Leather Satchel x 2
Thick Hide Pack x 2
Mining Sack
Recipe: Gingerbread Cookie x 4
Enchanting Vellums, 3 stacks of 10
Bolt of Woolen Cloth

Everything else was returned and reposted
Total cash on hand after reposting:

Charyeise then ran out into the forest and quested until she reached Level 10, buying 12 baby dragonhawk pets from the vendor at Fairbreeze Village as she passed through.

Upon her return from her adventures, she went to work.  First she unlearned Skinning, then she trained in Inscription, purchased supplies and bought herbs for milling into ink.  She also posted a few of the pets on the AH.

At the end of her session, she had Inscription leveled to 122 and she created 8 glyphs, 3 stacks of vellums and a Mystic Tome, which are all posted on the AH, leaving her with a total of 6g44s in her pocket.

She is hoping for real riches by tomorrow!

/played is 5h22m total

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