Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Charyeise the Warlock Begins Her Assault on the Moonrunner Economy!

8:03 am:  Charyeise arrived with her so-far-thank-God-SILENT minion, Zilrin, on Sunstrider Isle, flat broke but determined to make something of herself.

8:34 am:  In Falconwing Square, she went upstairs at the inn and spent 20c for training, 78c for a Skinning Knife and 38c each for two recipes, leaving her at level 6 with a grand total of 12s32c to begin her business.  Next stop:  Silvermoon City!  (Nice thing about Eversong Woods - there is Bloodthistle in abundance, making it easy to level Herbalism quickly.)

9:16 am:  Arrived in the Big City at level 7.  Skinning at level 49, herbalism at 20.  She had 25s, 30c, some herbs, 3 stacks of eggs, 1 stack of light leather, 3 lynx meats, 2 recipes and 2 linen cloths.  She put the herbs and 2 stacks of eggs in the bank for now, and listed the rest on the AH.  She purchased 6 pieces of wool and one bolt of woolen cloth from the cloth vendor and posted those on the AH as well.  A few coppers were left rolling around in the bottom of her bags, so she used them to purchase herbs from the vendor.  Now, with 1 hour 42 minutes /played, it was time to rest and wait for the gold to roll in!

We shall see what tomorrow brings...

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