Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Server Bank Alt Project

Today begins a final experiment in creating a bank alt on a new server.  I have made several lately, and now have what appears to be a pretty straightforward strategy.  I am hoping that one last tryout this week will refine the results into a standard process.

Step 1:  The new alt will begin her career as a Blood Elf by running to level 5 while gathering everything possible in the way of vendor junk to finance the operation, picking up two 4-slot bags from quests and maybe a 6-slot drop if she is lucky.  She will not buy anything or train skills except for the one required for her class training quest.  She is not going to die from lack of armor, food or skill at this level and needs every copper she can save.

Step 2:  At level 5, with her profits from questing, she will train herbalism and skinning, and buy a skinning knife.  She will purchase 2 Recipe: Lynx Steak from Landraelanis, then run to Silvermoon.  On the way to the city she will pick herbs and kill, loot and skin every dragonhawk and lynx she sees, saving Small Eggs, Lynx Meat, Light Leather and Ruined Leather Scraps

Step 3:  In Silvermoon, she will put her herbs in the bank and vendor the grey drops.  She will will post all other items on the AH at the going rate, and also post the two recipes on the AH for around 10 gold each, depending on the server prices.  Small eggs should usually go for around 1 gold each, and she will gather 8 or 10 stacks of these today, releasing them over the next week in stacks of 5 each, 4 stacks at a time as they sell.  She will run to the cloth vendor and buy what they have until she runs out of silver, then post the cloth on the AH as well.  If she still has silver, she will buy herbs from the vendor and put them in the bank.

Step 4:  She will then go out and quest/grind to level 10, continuing to kill and skin dragonhawks and lynx, and picking herbs.

Step 5:  At level 10, she will drop skinning and pick up Inscription.

Further:  Within a month, at Level 10, she will have the ability to make $1,000 gold a day with < 3 hours per week play time.

Next post with results!

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