Thursday, October 6, 2011

Incredible News! Ironsally from Tome of the Ancient Hits Level 85!!

Congratulations, Ironsally!!  Leveling to 85 in whites and greys with no assistance - simply amazing!

Read all about it at Tome of the Ancient!

Click here for the rules if you want to try the Ironman Challenge.


  1. Thanks from Sally, the last I heard she was passed out in a bar in Ramkahen from too much celebration, I hope she didn't do anything too crazy!

  2. Congratulations!! Now my post this morning feels even more shameful! I think I need a do-over and steroid testing...!

  3. See? Fail.

  4. Well done Imraith!!! Thats a serious accomplishment. I think Blizz ought to give ya an acheivement for this one worth 1000 pts daggonit! Oh yeah, I finally returned from deployment so will be writing much more often. Drop on by when ya can and say hello!



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