Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Grey Priest

Psynister has inspired me! He and Vrykerion have come up with their Ironman Challenge and I cannot resist.

Sallyogreydy was born yesterday and is thus far level 13. 

It hasn't been too difficult so far, nor did I expect it to be.  I once leveled a naked belf warlock to level 20 with no deaths, and so I know early levels are not very gear-dependent.  I am a little more concerned about higher levels!

Sally has died twice, once from lag and once from over-confidence with a rare that she later killed, after a brief flirtation with the Spirit Lady at the graveyard.

Her biggest challenge so far is mana, err...lack of mana.  She needs a wand, but a wand is not to be had just yet.  There is one available from a Mulgore quest, but traveling to Mulgore and doing all the pre-quests needed to get it was more than Sally could face.  So she is toughing it out until level 15 when the vendor wands become available.

With a wand, she will not have to make that dreaded decision about what to do with her last drop of mana - Renew, or Smite and hope it crits.

More later...


  1. It's never too late!

    Grats on the gutsy choice of Priest. I look forward to hearing how you fare in the next 20 levels or so.

  2. From your "about me" blog note, you don't strike me as one who is ever afraid to take on a challenge! Brava!

    You might, maybe, perhaps, like my blog, too:
    We seem to share the same interests of WoW writers.

  3. Welcome to the Ironman, er, or Ironwoman! Oh, you are brave, a Priest!

    Although I shouldn't underestimate a Priest's staying power. I have a level 77 Shadow Priest with only 7 deaths much lower than any other character.

  4. lol...we gonna call it The Ironmaiden Challenge here!

  5. Wow going for a priest is brave, I'll be interested to see how it turns out. I like that people have chosen so many different classes. It makes it all the more fun to see how they all fare.


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