Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sort of a Non-Post, Actually

I have been travelling the past few days, with not a whole lot in the way of wireless connection.  Finally got it to work nicely this morning, so I thought to post this as an explanation for my recent blog absence, and an apology for my spotty gaming attendance. 

The trip has been wonderful, although a bit too warm most of the way.  I should have left Florida a couple weeks sooner.  But in Virginia this morning the temp is a lovely 52F; I had to wear a sweater!!  So nice to have a brief fling at spring before the summer sets in!

I should be back online in a consistent manner in a couple days.  See you then.


  1. Pretty picture! Where did you go? I am loving the scenery...geology major here, I love the outdoors. :)Take me with you!

  2. Hey this is Ani! Just found your found your blog and I must say you're a really good writer! well anyways, keep it up!


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