Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Be Afraid?

Fear: What an ugly little word – what an ugly way of life.

What are you afraid of today?  Spiders, frogs, monsters under the bed?  Poverty?  Growing old?  Global warming?

Fear holds hands with worry, discontent and defeatism, and Fear captains the team.

Fear is the antithesis of hope, the enemy of joy.  Life is short, and while I would like to believe that I will have more than once around its track, my true feeling is that this is really it; there is no more.

So.  Why have dealings with Fear and his cohorts?  Another team awaits…

Joy is my captain, and I follow her beckoning.  In the early morning, I watch silver mist dissipate drop by drop, and the warm delight of sunshine conquers the shadows.  My world is light, it is strong.  Joy is my warrior, and Hope her lieutenant.

I will follow them until I die.

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