Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bank Alt's Days Are Numbered

Charyeise has worked hard (more so at first than lately), but this was only a temp job for her. The experiment is officially over, with only deciding what to do with her gold and possessions left to consider.

The stats were not as good as I hoped, but still good enough to persuade me that an inscription profession on a low-level bank alt is definitely the way to go to fund characters when starting on a new realm.

During the last two weeks, Charyeise spent about 15 minutes a day doing a quick cancel/post. A couple times a week, she milled herbs and stocked up her small selection of glyphs. This took an extra half hour each time, so her total time spent per week was reduced to 2.75 hours.

Moonrunner has a very slow-moving economy. The population is fairly low and the auction house stagnant. Trade chat is very minimal, with seldom even a troll to keep her amused during her work hours.

She did encounter a lovely mage, who invited her into her small guild and chatted her up occasionally, and once the inventory is liquidated, all Charyeise’s earnings will be deposited into the vault of that guild. I expect it will surprise them rather a lot to see the amount!

Next post will bring the accounting.

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